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Rebecca Hardiman

Rebecca Hardiman’s debut novel, Good Eggs, has been praised by bestselling authors as “an absolute delight from start to finish,” (Sarah Haywood), “bracing, hilarious, and warm,” (Judy Blundell) and “pure, unadulterated reading pleasure” (Jonathan Evison).  By turns humorous and heartfelt, the story celebrates three generations of a boisterous Irish family—an irrepressible grandmother, a recently unemployed dad, and a wayward teen daughter—whose simmering tensions boil over when an American home aide enters the picture, appearing at first to be the savior they need before she becomes the calamitous force that will either undo or remake the family. Good Eggs will be published by Atria Books in March, 2021.

Rebecca lives in New Jersey. She has been an editor at magazines including In Style, Movieline, and People en Español, and has written for various other publications.

Good Eggs